A Noteworthy Anniversary (<## pun)

A Noteworthy Anniversary (<## pun) by wonderaz - 2001-07-04 01:24:44
Tomorrow is the day that 225 years ago, give or take one or two, that those silly colonists sent a little note to the British Royal Family that they were to basically piss off. The Brits, humorless lot that they are, replied by shelling the hell out of a few towns and then, to top it all off, sent a bunch of guys dressed up in scary red coats (with tails) and big assed ole hats to march up and down the roads so the silly colonists would use up a bunch of their ammo shooting the shit out of them from the trees and shrubs along side the road.After awhile, the Brits tired of getting all shot up and cruised over to India so they could sit on elephants and kill tigers, which was much more fun than getting shot up by the silly, sneaky colonists.Left to their own devices, the colonists just ran amok and years later completed Disneyland which made them the most powerful nation in the history of the Universe according to themselves.And that is pretty much the whole story.Happy Co-dependence day, America!!!!

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