Merry *********!!!

Merry *********!!! by wonderaz - 2003-12-18 20:58:45
To be politically correct, we will omit any possibly offensive words from the news.

A very special bit of news for this ********* season is that our favorite fucking freak, Jacko, has become a Muslim (it's politically correct to say Muslim) and has joined his almost as freaky brother, Germaine, as a member of the Nation of Islam (it's politically correct to say Islam) or whatever Farrakam's boy's club is called.

I had no idea that white guys could join that group.

Did you know that the average human supposedly shits about 2 feet worth every day?

Can you save that up?

Like, every Saturday blow out 14 feet?

Usama Bin Ladin is still missing. Why has no one put his face on a milk carton?

Tony Blair has become rather 9-10 so the British are digging Diana up.

Did Dodi know that she liked bacon?